Saturday, April 11, 2009

Resurrection 2009

Quite often I go back through and read past articles that I have posted on servinemup. Sometimes I cringe, wondering how I could have been so crass or ignorant. But I don't delete them, because I know I have to be real to the pen.

Hopefully, people will be able to see the progression in D.

I'm always striving to hit that higher mark.

I don't feel bad about all of them though. There's some that I put out there, that I can read even today and feel that the 2009 version of D. Washington couldn't have done much better than past versions. I strive to achieve timeless prose that doesn't grow old or out of style.

Resurrection (2006) is one of those pieces that I can still read today and feel good about it.

Millions of people around the world are preparing for the greatest day in the history of mankind.

Christ shed His blood as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

Some folks feel that they don't need anyone to atone for them, "I'm good! I didn't ask or need Jesus to do that for me!"

It can be a sad thing to behold.

Pride is what caused the most beautiful and intelligent angel to be cast out of heaven. And now that fallen angel and his crew is roving to and fro upon this earth seeking souls to devour.

You say that you believe in God, even the devils believe and tremble.

Everyday you can turn on the news and see manifestations of this spiritual battle that we are all involved in, directly or indirectly.

Some thing they can just abstain, and not make that choice..stay nuetral like Sweden. That ain't go work either.

And I believe that we all reach a point in our lives where we have a void, an emptiness, a longing to be connected to our Creator. From dust we were formed and to the dust we shall return.

And once the shortness of this existness is realized, the quest becomes more concerted. Something to relieve that pressure as we grasp for something real to hold on to. Something that will sustain us when we take our last breath in this body.

I'm humbled by the breadth that the words that I've been able to send out have reached.

From Ireland, to Lithuania, Singapore, Canada, worldwide there's a lot of people thirsting for truth. I thought was going to be a Southside Houston hood thang, but God obviously had a whole different intention.

For those who have been down from Day 1 with love, support and prayers, words can never express my gratitude and appreciation.

For those who have been player hating from Day 1, thank you for making me stronger and tighter on my game.

I ain't quit writing, and I ain't going nowhere. I ain't go give up til I go up.

Like they say in the pit bull fighting world, I'm dead game for Christ.

Happy Resurrection Day to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, it's the reason for our hope.