Friday, February 24, 2006

My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me

B.B. King had this song out called, ‘Nobody loves me but my mother’ and then the next verse says, ‘and she might be jiving too.’ Have you ever felt like that? That there was nobody on the face of the earth that had any love for you? It’s like you’re on a small deserted island surrounded by an ocean infested with haters, circling around like sharks, waiting for you to step out into that water so that they can take a bite out of your soul.

Gnashing at your heart, scratching away at your will, trying to break down your spirit and drag you down into the depths of loneliness and despair. Those haters want you to be afraid. They want you to be paranoid of any and everybody. They want you to start tipping by windows and peeping around corners, sleeping with a loaded gun in your hand, because you become paranoid about that wolf that’s assuredly coming to knock down your door.

“I keep staring over my shoulders,
And peeping around corners,
My mind is playing tricks on me..” – Geto Boyz

So what do you do when this mania sets in? Are you going to hide out underneath your bed and refuse to face the world? Are you going to roll around strapped everywhere you go? Even taking your gun with you to the bathroom? How many locks and deadbolts do you have to put on your door before you feel safe? Do you REALLY think those guns and home security systems are going to save you? Cuz you can already feel it..NOBODY loves you. You could stop breathing right this second and the only people that will look for you are the people who you owe money to and maybe your momma.

I’m not trying to blow your high, I’m just giving you a framework of the depths of the pit that people fall into everyday. We are surrounded by an ever increasing number of people who are quietly living on the brink of desperation.

People that’s ready to go postal. People that’s ready to give up and quit. Just imagine, for all of the horrors and dead end trails that we KNOW crack cocaine leads to, there are still thousands of people in America that will smoke crack for the very first time today. Because they’ve given up and they want to feel some relief. They want to have some semblance of joy and happiness in their lives, if but for a fleeting moment.

Cuz all the while you’re afraid of what lurks behind the shadow, there is a demon roving to and fro seeking to push you off that ledge.

Go ahead and pull that trigger

Fire up that pipe

Curse God and die.

But before you pull that trigger, before you go ‘agg’ on a n’ga. Let me share something with you.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” – II Timothy 1:7 KJV

What does this mean? It means that we are never alone. We are never without someone who loves us. Just as Satan tempted Job and Jesus, that same devil will show up to tempt you. Trying to make you believe that God doesn’t care about you. Trying to make you believe that Jesus wasn’t even thinking about you when He went to that cross.

Listen to that song on Ride Wit Me, “Don’t give up..just hold WILL’ll be strong!!” He is an AWESOME God, but the first thing you have to do is believe that God is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek after Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Other Level of the Game

A lot of people really don’t realize how real I am. Some of them think I’m one of them fraud n’gaz that’s on the internet perpetrating.

“D. Washington ‘says’ he’s from $unny$ide, but that n’ga got a Stanford University education. So he ain’t no regular n’ga from the hood.”

Which is true, I’m NOT a ‘regular’ n’ga from the hood, I'm on another level of the game. I am one of those peculiar people. I’m a part of a chosen generation, and everybody from the hood ain’t chose. Some folks in the hood already know that they’re going to stay in the hood, in this life and the next. Don't get it twisted. The hood ain’t Paradise, it’s not a world that’s flowing with milk and honey. The hood is all about dealing with those wild animals. You’ve got to know how to move through a room full of sharks if you’re going to survive in the hood.

Let me back up. Because I know a lot of ya’ll flew into Houston just for the NBA All-Star Game 2006 and you ain’t neva been served by D. Washington before. So let me gone and break it down like this, cuz I have one business associate who advised me to remain ambiguous concerning my writing career and my marital status…

“Don’t let them know that you’re happily married D..keep them tricks guessing, mostly single women are the ones that’s gonna spend the money to buy your books and read them anyway. Give those women something to dream about!!”.

I had to balk at that one. I know this is all about business and the more customers you can attract the better, but I’m not the kind of n’ga that’s trying to front about my wife. I LOOVE my wife. She’s my baby doll. She’s riding with me. Wherever I go, she will follow..I’m not popping my collar, I’m just reciting what our wedding vows we made before the Lord said. Cuz if you’re UP on you Word, you already know that that’s the way God MEANT it to be. The problem is that we got so many fraud n’gaz on the scene, that most women don’t want to submit to a bullsh’t n’ga that’s not down for anything that’s real.

Throw yo set up..throw yo hood up!!

What set you rolling wit n’ga? Cuz if you ain’t rolling with Jesus, then you’re against Him. That’s just how it goes, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can be one of them lukewarm n’gaz and get through that gate, cuz lukewarm n’gaz don’t make it through the fire. Either you ride or you die…that’s Bible.

So when people see my wife, a lot of em start tripping. Some lesbians try to holler at her to see if she’s a bitter or abused wife that’s looking to move on. Bisexual women holler at her to see if they can come home with us. Shark n’gaz try to stare her down and see if they can pull her away from me. I’m not tripping, I’m just telling you how the game goes.

For instance, I hyped up the All-Star game, and how much my wife was down for Will Smith and ready to kick it with him. I can say that, because my wife and I have been down that road before. That road that has a posted one-way sign headed for destruction and divorce. But because of God, we were able to retreat off that one-way dead-end road, and make our way onto the track of the everlasting.

You see, my wife and I have professed our love to each other before and then regressed to the point where you go out of your way to do something to hurt that other person, because they hurt you.

You bleeped her?? Well I’m go bleep him!!

You bleeped him?? Well, I’m go bleep her!!

Mmhmm..ya’ll know what I’m talking about. Now it just so happened that all of this happened BEFORE we got married, so we were actually divorced (a few times) before we actually got married. And even after we proclaimed our wedding vows, we didn’t get ‘real’ about them until we both submitted our lives to Christ.

Because once Jesus stepped into our relationship, He gave both of us a foundation to stand upon. Despite all the past wrongs and pains, once you know that Jesus did what He did for ALL the bleeped up things you’ve done in life..then you have no choice but to bow down to Him while He ‘ forgives us of our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

That’s the sermon right there. The Lord’s Prayer. Luke 11:1-4

So then when you get to that part about ‘And lead us not, into temptation, but deliver us, from evil.”

Hmm..deliver us from evil.

Have you ever seen that move, Deliver us from Eva?

With LL Cool J and Gabrielle Union?

I liked that movie. Once I saw that part about the spicy beans she made, I knew I liked her and then when she was in her sexual frenzy, ‘ want to do it with our clothes on?? I like it freaky too!!”..Gabrielle was my girl. She got me right there Gabrielle looked real when she said that.

Now, before you start TRIPPING..’This n’ga is married and a Christian and talking about some other woman???”

Holeup. I ain’t got a problem with a trippin a lil bit and having fun. Cuz I know the Word, and I know it says the marriage bed is undefiled (Heb 13:4), we can get as freaky as we want to in there, it’s those whoremongers and adulterers who are out of line.

I’m not fantasizing about Gabrielle butt naked and going through those motions, I can just look at her and appreciate her for the beauty I see.

A lot of n’gaz can’t stop right there. They gotta get some internet doctored porn shots and get out the lube while they focus on their fantasy.

I’m past that. And a large reason why I am (besides the obvious reason that I put Christ first in my life), is because the Lord blessed me with a wife that can hit all of my fantasies. She knows what I like and how I like to do ain’t no surprises. I’m a vanilla kinda n’ga. I USED to sing that song ‘Superfreak’ by Rick James, but once I got out to the ‘real’ party? Like they doing it out in the Bay Area in Cali? Aww nawww podna..I retract that statement, I ain’t no SUPERfreak, like some of them other n’gaz,..cuz they into some of that abomination type stuff, and that ain’t even me.

The problem a lot of men have, especially Christian men, when dealing with this thing called adultery, this thing called fornication, is that we have fooled ourselves into thinking that if the right opportunity and a fine enough woman crosses our path? Then we GOTTA knock her down, or else we’re missing our blessing.

If Gabrielle Union came up on you trying to holla about ,’What’s up?” Whatchu go do n’ga? Are you go forget about your vows and start tricking, or are you going to smile at her and say, ‘Pictures only only.”??

Cuz it’s a LOT of fine Beyonces and Gabrielle’s in the world, if you’re not ready to throw brakes up on them, then you need to stay yo az up on the porch, cuz you ain’t ready to run with the big dogs.

Cuz the big dogs already know about that 7th Chapter of Proverbs and it’s warning against the immoral woman.

Some folks ask, ‘Well, I’m not married, how can I be the immoral woman?”

It don’t matter, if you’re not married and he IS married, you’re still that immoral woman. Now the part that feminists will bring up, is that the text makes no mention of the immoral man that’s whoring with another man’s wife. But when you ingest the spirit of the law, you see that that gate swings both ways. Cuz any dude sleeping with another man’s wife is immoral and out of line also

“Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths. For she hath cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her. Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.” – Proverbs 7:25-27 KJV

Many strong men have fell on her bed, and been ushered into the gates of hell. Not punk men, or lukewarm men, STRONG men. That let’s you know right there that that immoral woman is a vicious soldier on Satan’s battlefield. She’s the woman in red that’s knocking soldiers down left and right..weakening their testimony, exposing their lives to sin.

Solomon wrote a lot of the Proverbs, and a lot of ‘strong’ men fall off because they get caught up on ‘strange’ women like Solomon did before he repented and turned back to the Lord. And even more so because of Solomon’s father, David, a man after God’s own heart. A lot of folks look at that verse (I Kings 1:1-4) when David got older and his body grew cold. They brought a young virgin into his bed and try and warm him up. David couldn’t do nothing at that point. So a lot of ‘strong’ Christian men look at David and Solomon with their many wives and concubines and they say, ‘That’s just how a real n’ga is going to be. He needs more than one woman to keep him ‘balanced.’

Scurrrrrrrrrr!!! That’s a lie. Satan is going to do his best to make you believe that..but that’s a lie. Because my wife and I have been through that buffet storm..and we both saw different things that we liked and we tasted it and felt that it was good. But when we both repented, and turned our lives to Christ and we focused on our wedding vows, we grew stronger. And once we focused on enjoying each other, wouldn’t you know, I realized that God had blessed me with a bad az chick!! I don’t need to go to strip clubs or watch pornography or take pills to get excited about my wife, all she has to do is get in bed with me and I’m turned on. And that’s even after our youngest turned 10 years old this year.

So when we headed out to the All-Star game, my wife laid out the rules..

“Alright n’ need to listen. I don’t care about you looking at these girls boodies, but you don’t have to stare them down!!”

“Huh? Me? I do that??”

“C’mon now D..don’t front to kick it, you’re supposed to be a ‘real’ n’ga right? Don’t tell me you don’t remember when you were staring that girl down at that concert and then when you realized I was looking at you, you tried to play it off with some bullsh’t like, ‘Oooh baby, look! That girl ain’t go no pockets on her jeans!!’”

“(smiling..) heh-heh! But she didn’t have any pockets on her jeans!!”

“Ain’t nobody trying to hear that bullsh’t D..let’s be real now, no staring!!”


So we jumped into the spot, you know how they do it for All-Star game, the STARS be out. We saw Magic, Barkley, Fabulous,Deion, Evander, Cube, Sa’nai,..all these people were right next to us. And wouldn’t you know, that I was at the bar, minding my own business..and ran up on Gabrielle Union!! So being the kinda of n’ga that I am, you know I had to be up on my game…

“Excuse me..Gabrielle? Do you mind if my wife takes a picture of me and you?”

“Your wife? Are you SURE your wife doesn’t mind you taking a picture with me?”

“Oh naww, it’s all good. As a matter of fact, she was the one that told me to ask you.”

“Hmm..cuz I know if my man wanted me to take a picture of him with Halle Berry, I would be like ‘Hell nawww!!”

“Well..obviously you and your man don’t have the trust that me and my wife have. I’m not trying to take it to another level, I just want to take a picture with you if you don’t mind.”

(That’s when she started smiling at a n’ga)



D. Washington and Gabrielle Union, NBA All-Star Game, Houston 2006

So at this point, I’m ready to leave the building. Shii..GABRIELLE?? N’ga ya’ll SEE how fine she is!!! A n’ga was ready to start declining autographs and high siding, but then my wife grabbed my arm, cuz one of her ‘boyfriends’ was walking by..

“Ooh baby, there go Snoop!!”

“You want to take a picture with him?”

“Yeah! YEAH! YEAH!”

So, I ain’t tripping on stuff like this, cuz I got chicks like Gabrielle trying to get up on my shoulder, so I stepped into Snoop’s path as he passed by me.

“Wazzup Snoop?”

“What’s the dizzy?”

“You mind taking a picture with my wife? She really likes you, we even made one of our kids off your Doggystyle album!!”

“Fo rizzle my nizzle.”


Tracy Washington and Snoop at the 2006 NBA All-Star Game

But what I’m trying to tell all of ya’ll single folks and lonely married folks out there that’s striving to hook up with yo ‘podna’ gotta put Christ first in yo life if you REALLY want to have some fun. Because half of my podnas’ wives wouldn’t have taken that picture of them and Gabrielle. And the other half of my podnas wouldn’t have taken a picture with their wife cheek to cheek with Snoop Dogg.

So how do you make it happen without crossing that line? Cuz there ARE some swingers out there. Married folks that like to have ‘fun’ on that other level..switching, swapping and bringing new characters into the play and ya’ll know how it’s going down in 2006. My wife and I don’t have to get down like that to get our excitement on. We already know how to take each other to that other level of passion. Some folks start quizzing me about all the things that I’ve never tried, ‘How do you know you don’t like (blank) unless you tried it?

“N’ga, I ain’t neva had no sh’t sandwiches either..but I KNOW I don’t like em!!”

So check it out..if you’re looking to make an investment into some real estate/property in the greater Houston area, then you need to check out and if you’re just trying to get stronger in that Word, with a wild n’ga from $unny$ide then you need to read through

We’re on that other level of the game.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

All-Star Weekend in H-Town

“And we’ll see ya in February for the All-Star game!!” – Draped Up by Bun B

What’s up H-town!! Are ya’ll ready to get yo ‘All-Star’ on this weekend? If you ready to get crunk around all the BIGTIME ballers, then Houston is where you’re supposed to be right now. Like we say on the Southside, “It’s going DOWN in H-town”, Ya feel me??

Aiight. All ya’ll out of town folks?? don’t get it twisted. Houstonians are nice people in general, but there’s a lot of throwed off folks in Houston too. You can spot some of them just by how they drive on the freeways. Some people try to point the finger at Hurricane Katrina and blame all of Houston’s ‘issues’ on New Orleans ‘refugees’. Of course, an evacuee and a refugee are two distinctly different terms, but the kids don’t give a damn about hurting anyone’s feelings. Some of them are mad cuz all the ‘refugee’ kids got those FEMA credit cards and got draped up and dripped out. (translates: new clothes, cars and/or codeine syrup).

There’s been several, Houston kids vs. the New Orleans kids fights in our public schools these past few months. Kinda like The Outsiders clique rumbles that S.E. Hinton wrote about. These kids are crunk. They’re hot too. Ready to do that ‘I’mma let you check up on it’ dance. Not just the girls either, some of them boys be dancing like Beyonce too, and some of our preachers go to those spots where them little boys be dancing up on them tables. But we ain’t got to talk about all that right now.

Just remember a golden rule of H-town, “Listen to what it say, but watch what it do

Make sure you check closely for ID mane. Them girls are hotter than you think. Just because they’re down with it don’t mean it’s cool. Cuz the last thang you want to do is catch a statutory rape case in Texas, cuz after they get yo az on that sex offender list, you gotta be ready to face a crazy lunatic coming at yo az at any second of the day or night, not only in jail, but after you get out too!!

Let me see, what else..oh’s HOT down here too. Even though it almost reached 80 today, just think 80 degrees F, in the middle of FEBRUARY !!??!! (prophetic’s getting hot in here mane, read the book of Revelations, it’ll tell you all about it. But heyy..before you pick up that Bible and start reading Revelations, let me gone and tell you right now. If you don’t like scary stuff, then you don’t need to read that book. Cuz it will literally scare the hell out of you.)..buckle your seatbelts, cuz it might turn cold and rainy in a minute. So if you’re packing and heading this way, be ready.

If the Lord says the same, you’ll see us at the NBA Jam Session on Saturday, and Sunday we’ll be at the 51st Anniversary of Blueridge Baptist Church, Rev. Ceola Curley, Sr. Pastor. My crazy uncle from Port Arthur, the man of God, the honorable but effable, Rev. Willie B..ohh, I read that wrong, it’s not Rev. Willie B., it’s my other uncle, Rev. Lloyd Wayne Scott, Sr., Pastor of Eastern Star Baptist Church in P.A., Texas that’s preaching the 3o’clock service. So if you can’t score any tickets to the game or you want to come get crunk with that Holy Spirit before the game, then you’re more than welcome to come worship with some Christian ALL-STARS on the Southside at Blueridge Baptist Church. 9621 Chesterfield Drive (less than 10 minutes from Reliant Stadium), come and get yo praise on!! My uncle likes basketball too, he’ll be through with the sermon in time to watch the game!!

And if you’re leery of ‘Baptist’ folks, then you’re more than welcome to get in on any one of the praise services here in Houston. You can check out Rev. Rudy at St. John’s Downtown, or Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell at Windsor Village United Methodist (the largest black congregation in Texas) or even Houston’s own, Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church, the largest congregation in America. We’ve got some real players that’s deep in the game, we do the All-Star thang EVRA Sunday in Houston!!

Speaking of Port Arthur, I gotta say what’s up to all those underground kings out there. Welcome home Pimp C! Wazzup Bun? Holla at K-Free and let’s make it happen, Servinemup Ink-UGK collabo. Already.

So if you trying to be down with the hottest thang in H-town, then you need to check in at to be up on what’s happening in the game. You won’t see me out on the cut too much, that’s really not what I do, but since it’s All-Star weekend and we got kinfolk in town for the festivities, my wife and I are going to make a point to get out a bit.

She wants to go find the party that her ‘boyfriend’ Will Smith go be at. Yeah, she likes that n’ga, I ain’t even tripping tho. Cuz she knows what I like..Beyonce? Don’t get too slim on me now, gone and get yo Popeye’s on every now and then, it ain’t go hurt you none. Heh-heh..wooo, I just got caught up. A-hem.

So the way the game works, is that as you generate a larger audience in your space, then other people that’s out there doing there thing will feel the energy that’s resonating from your work ethic or talent and they’re gonna wanna be down. It works both ways. You start hanging around people that’s doing something real, then it will increase your skill set. You gotta make sure you play up at every opportunity. Because when you are surrounded by people with better game than you, you can watch and learn. You can make your game tighter. That’s just another way to prepare to receive your blessing.

I do believe that God has a blessing with my name on it. I don’t apologize for this hope I have. Some people see it as wishful thinking and my chances as no better than winning the Lotto. But what they don’t understand, is that the best part about it for me, is that God has ALREADY given me an abundant blessing. I could go to my grave right now thankful. I don’t feel that God owes me anything, as a matter of fact, I actually feel like I can never repay Him enough for what He has already done for me. It’s serious like that. I know what He did and does for me and I just couldn’t be one of those ungrateful kinda n’gaz that acknowledges all of the blessings that God has given them but they won’t bow down to Him and praise His name from the rooftops.

So whatever space you are have to find a way to get that Word out. Someone’s life may be part of your responsibility to spreading God’s Word and you ain’t even handling yo business. Cuz it don’t matter what it is you go to church for, if you don’t leave there better equipped to go ye therefore and help shine the Light out into the darkness? Then you have lost focus on what the Great Commission is all about.

So come on and ride with D.Wash and G.Carter, for the first online collaboration effort, featuring Faness Entertainement and Servinemup Ink. Don’t hate, we grinding down here

Friday, February 10, 2006

Popping My Collar

Now ever since I can remember, I been poppin my collar (I been poppin my collar)..” – 3-6 Mafia

Grrrrrrrrrrr. I guess I’m on edge a bit these days. Things are starting to happen very fast. It kinda feels like being in a pinball machine, the longer you’re rolling around the maze getting banged around and not dropping off the map, the better your score. TILT! TILT!

If you’re going to be in the game, you gotta be ready to take some blows and keep rolling. Cuz if you ain’t ready to absorb some blows, then you’re going to crumble like crackers when they inevitably arrive. At least that’s how I envision the battlefield when I get down with my pen.

So you need to have an edge. You need to believe in something that’s real if you’re going to withstand until that final day. A lot of folks don’t like talking about that final day, that long long flight, that last ride, death, especially their own. It’s too creepy, it’s something that most young folks never think about and what most old folks can’t stop talking about. It’s an inevitable day for us all, at least it is for those of us who will make that transition before the 2nd coming of Christ, but we ain’t got to that part yet.

I don’t know if they have some kind of group therapy session for writers, but if they do, I KNOW there would be some crazy people in there. Especially all of the blogging writers. I know there’s hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there on the internet, pouring out their heart and soul, or just working on their game with their blog websites. I wonder how many of them actually live and work around people who read their blog??

I’ve had some people come at me almost about to have a heart attack.......

“Mane D..whatever you do, DON’T put my name or face on your website!!”

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you so paranoid about being seen on the internet??”

“Mane..I owe back child support in 3 different states, I’ve got a good job where a white man pays me cash under the table and all my bills are in my mama’s name..I ain’t trying to mess my thang up. It’s going too good right now.”

“Aww c’mon now!!’re gonna have to face those issues ONE day, it’s not going to magically disappear! Interest is steady stacking up!”

“I know that! I’m just saying I ain’t trying to be found out right now!! I just need some time to get myself together, cuz I’ve been on my back before mane, that sh’t there ain’t fresh when you work a hard 50 hours in a week and by the time all the child support agencies get their money, you’re looking at a hundred dollar check. A n’ga can’t live like that mane, THAT’s the kinda sh’t that will make a n’ga say ‘fkit!’ and just start selling dope.”

“Aww n’ga, don’t start crying wasn’t crying when you was sticking all them different women when you were taking them trips out of town.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t KNOW it was go be like this!! 3 of my kids are the same age, all born in the same month by 3 different women!!”

“See..that hoe sh’t done caught up to you and now you wanna cry about it, don’t cry about it now n’ga, you done did it.”

“Don’t get it twisted Bible-boy, just cuz you throwing up that Jesus set, don’t mean yo az can’t get beat down!!”

“Naww..don’t you get it twisted!..Turn the other cheek don’t mean I’m supposed to ‘LET’ somebody whup my az n’ga..don’t mistake the kindness..I’m from $unny$ide mane, I just look like this.”

The first shot out the clip has touched down on the street. Intent to Distribute is the preview chapter for the book Real Game and it’s hit the street running. Someone told me that the perfect recipe for failure, is when you try and please everybody.

"Everybody ain’t go be with it D. Some n’gaz are go be MAAD when they read how you get down on the pen, especially some of them church folks. "

I was actually already prepared for this fact, I haven’t been boycotted or banned yet, but I’ll gone and let ya’ll know right now, don’t look for my work in any Christian bookstores, cuz we don’t push on that block. I had a peek preview as to what being a Christian artist meant when Mel Gibson released the Passion of the Christ. Good movie. Very descript and realistic depiction of the last week of Christ before he was crucified, Passion Week.

Well, after the movie had been released and all the numbers of ticket sales were being reported back via the media, some people started TRIPPING..

“Hmph..look at that! “

“What’s that?”

“Mel Gibson has made over 300 million dollars internationally in the first WEEK of the Passion movie being out??”

“The Gospel of Christ hits licks all over the world..and?”

“So I guess that’s supposed to be 300 million for Jesus huh? Can’t you see how janky Christianity is?? It’s all about the white man making money!!”

What’s wrong with the movie being successful and Gibson making money?? He TRIED to push the script to Hollywood and NOBODY would touch it, so he got independent financing and got it done. And now you want to hate?? Everybody can make movies pubbing up shaking az or acting a damn fool or killing a lot of people and make fat cash, but when somebody prospers as a result of spreading the gospel of Christ, they gotta be janky huh? Aiight then, I see ya hating. Hating ain’t changed, it’s still just like Trick Daddy describes it.

“Hating is when you see something fresh, but yet you refuse to acknowledge it.”

Some folks make a point not to read my blog for awhile, then when they do come back, they’re almost mad that I haven’t fell off. They thought I was going to stop praising that Name, they just don’t know that I just can’t stop, praising His Name, I just can’t stop, praising His Name, I just can’t stop, praising His Naaaaame…JESUS!! The haters cringe with angst when they hear that Name, because they know it’s the Truth. Other haters will try to distort the Word,

‘The Bible’s been changed by man over the years, it’s not the INERRANT Word of God!!”

I got something for you too podna, keep riding yo monkey az down this page. You steady talking the Bible’s been changed, and yet you don’t even read it. Where has it been changed?? What part is ‘janky’ to you? What you see as ‘contradictions in the Bible’ are usually just learned excuses you use for why you haven’t submitted to how the Word calls for us to live our lives. Nobody understands all of the Bible except God. And if the Holy Spirit hasn’t pricked your heart, you ain’t go ‘get’ the Bible anyway. The Bible is written for Believers to use as a guide. To know the history of God’s chosen as it leads up to the fulfillment of the Word through Jesus Christ.

You’ll understand those 12 disciples of Christ a lot more, if you know about those 12 tribes of Israel. Moses was a great prophet who spoke face to face with God, but yet Moses couldn’t lead the children over into the Promised Land. It took Joshua to lead them across that other side of the Jordan. Joshua mane..Ye’ the Greek form that translates to Jesus. Ya’ll n’gaz keep thinking it’s a joke, that Bible is all the way real.

Noah preached the same sermon for over a hundred years,

“It’s go rain”

But yet, at that time in history, people had never even seen rain before in their lives. God watered the earth via a mist. But just like Noah told everybody to get their lives together and repent and get on that boat and be saved, nobody listened, except his family. And just like Noah told us that it was gonna rain, the prophets and apostles who wrote the Bible let us know that it’s go rain again. But instead of water, it’s going to rain an element that we’ve never seen happen before. This last time, it’s go rain fire. Ya’ll betta get out of that heat and take refuge in God’s Word. I’m just telling these n’gaz to get on the boat, cuz a change is gonna come and n’gaz who ain’t ready are go drown in brimstone.

Everybody ain’t go make it to the other side. Everybody ain’t go swallow that real, some folks are going to pass it up and keep on stepping. Everyody has their own different reasons why they don’t submit, but one of the most common reasons is hard headededness. Or what the Bible calls hardened hearts. They ain’t letting the Word into their heart. They’re putting their hands over their ears and singing, “La la la la, nyah nyah booh booh, I’m not listening to you!!” They don’t want to hear it. They don’t want NOBODY telling them how to live their life. They might acknowledge some of the Bible, but when it comes to those parts that calls out their throwed ways, they start following some distorted doctrine..

“Being homosexual is fine with God! You can have as many girlfriends as you want, concubines are in the Bible!..Crack ain’t in the Bible, God ain’t tripping over a n’ga trying to feed his family!”

Pft! Ya’ll n’gaz TRIPPIN!!

Sometimes I gotta pause and pray, cuz I KNOW how throwed I am, I stay ready to clown and ack a fool. And one of the things about the Christian walk is having a humbleness of spirit. It ain’t about me, it’s all about Jesus. So excuse me for popping my collar sometimes, God ain’t through with D yet.

But don't ever ever think I'm not down for the family. Family is the reason I serve, I just know that if there's going to be a healing of our families in the hood, it's gotta start with the men first. That's why you see me out here serving these hard heads..(ahem) and popping my collar!! :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Locked Up

Stepping out into the public realm of the written word, has sometimes felt like walking the plank. Behind you are some folks jeering and some folks cheering. Ahead of you at the end of the plank is the unknown. You don’t know if you’re going to be torn to shreds by man-eating sharks or if a beautiful mermaid will whisk you away to a tropical paradise. You just don’t know.

It is this reality of the unknown that causes most people to freeze and stand still. Staying just out of the reach of the prodding sword or spear, but not going far enough out onto the plank to jump. Of course, everyone doesn’t write, but at some point I believe we all have a plank to walk. The thing is, most people cower behind the safe confines of a job, because it’s more familiar to them. It’s what they know. Instead of walking that plank and taking a plunge into the realm of the unknown. The water looks too deep to them, there might be barracudas or flesh eating fish in that water!

So instead they keep hitting that snooze button every morning and dragging themselves out of bed to head for their job, which barely covers their living expenses. If they’re one of the ‘lucky’ ones, they might even get a chance to take a vacation or two every year and retire by the time they reach 62.

Something about that whole scenario just never felt right to me. When you look at the numbers, the average life span for the American is about 72-75 years. So as I got closer to ‘halftime’, my body started rejecting this prescription for life. Who the hell wants to wait and have fun when they’re old?? That’s what retirement is supposed to mean right? Doing whatever you wanted to do with your day? I’d rather have fun now AND when I’m old!!

I was in the mind frame of most Americans, doing what I had to do to keep the lights on and keep my family fed. But I still had emptiness, a void in my professional life that I just couldn’t explain. I wanted more and I never realized what this yearning I had was all about until I went to hear Zig Ziglar give a speech at Hopheinz Pavilion here in Houston with some co-workers one morning.

Zig talked about the difference between quantity vs. quality. It seems most people are focused on quantity. They go for the highest paying job they can get, so that they can have the most luxuries in life. The biggest house they can afford, the finest car, the nicest clothes, and the best vacations. But the problem with this, is that it’s not a goal that will fulfill your soul.

Instead of focusing on what job will pay you the most so that you can retire the quickest, you should focus on that job that you want to do until you can’t do it anymore. That ‘thing’ that drives you and gets you crunk. That ‘thing’ that will make you jump out of bed every morning and be ready to ‘go get it!’ It’s not about the money, it’s about your passion in life. That passion will drive and motivate you to keep on keeping on.

Hmmm. So as I sat in that audience, I realized that I had to walk that plank myself and take that plunge. My pen skills are becoming better everyday. I am a lot better writer now that I was 3 years ago when I first started blogging. There is no way around it, you have to grind to shine.

Tiger Woods natural golf ability is undeniable, but the thousands of hours of his life that he’s dedicated to honing his skills and improving his game are what makes him a world champion. He has a passion for the game that has nothing to do with the money. Tiger just wants to win, period. And the lesson to be learned, is that if you dedicate yourself to your passion, if you keep grinding and putting in your work everyday, there is a reward that will come.

The problem is that most people are too lazy or afraid to put in the work. They don’t dare to chase their dream because they’re afraid of people laughing at them. They’re afraid of failure. They don’t want to be embarrassed.

On the other end of the coin, are the people who feel like they don’t know what their passion is. They don’t know what they want to do. I can feel that. I didn’t always know that there was a writer inside of me. But there is a Scripture that my grandmother used to nail into my hard head ALL the time that I clung to, and it is a proverb of direction that pulled me out of my quagmire and placed me on my path. So for all of you that are still looking for your purpose, for all of you that are still searching for your passion, then this is the passage you need to meditate on every day and every night.

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

Of course, the obvious problem with this, is that we have been trained by society to rely on our own intellectual ability for guidance. Putting your trust in the LORD is frowned upon in ‘intellectual’ circles. Once people get educated, they feel that they can make all of their own decisions based off experience and reason. And they will smirk in derision at those of us who step out on faith as ‘mystics’ who are praying to some unknown God in the sky to save us.

I have reached a point in my faith and God has put me in a position of my passion, where there is now a chasm between me and unbelievers. I am sanctified or ‘set apart’. Some of these unbelievers are family members, some are friends that I’ve known since childhood, and some are co-workers or ex-classmates. But a lot of them look at me and shake their head, because they thought I was one of the smart ones. They can’t believe that I ‘swallowed the Kool-Aid’ too.

In their minds, if it’s not worth a profit, then it’s not worth doing. They can’t fathom doing anything in their lives that doesn’t give them a direct (or indirect) benefit. They’re all about the Benjamin’s. Gotta get that cream. Their happiness and sense of security is determined by their bank accounts…or so they think.

But one thing I’ve learned in my 35 years on this earth, is that there are inevitable experiences in life that we all must go through. A lot of people don’t realize how delicate and valuable life is, until they’re sitting in their doctor’s office listening to a report that wakes them up. Money can’t save them then. Others don’t start leaning on the LORD until they get put in a position where they know they need the help of a higher power, the help of THE Highest Power. There’s a lot of people that start praying for the first time in their life in operating rooms or court rooms. Earnest heartfelt prayers for deliverance. They want to be saved from their condition.

It’s what a lot of people refer to as ‘jailhouse conversions’. Once you get locked up in a confining situation, then you decide to look up to the LORD. It doesn’t have to be behind criminal bars, the jailhouse is any position where you find yourself locked up and out of control. It could be in the hospital, it can be in a courtroom, it can be in your marriage or with your kids, it could be when the mortgage company is coming to foreclose on your house, we all will have our time to be locked up in some way or the other.

So the thing I’ve learned is that it’s easy to call on the LORD when you’re locked up, because it’s usually in those darkest hours where you have nowhere else to turn. The test of faith will come after that storm passes. After that operation is deemed a success, or after that judge says ‘Not Guilty on all counts!’ what are you going to do then? Are you going to still keep praising that Name or are you going to start intellectualizing your deliverance? It ain’t about how skilled that doctor is or how clever your lawyer was in the courtroom, it’s all about the will of God. And until you realize that and until you bow down, repent and submit, you’re going to continue to be locked up, in this life and the next.