Sunday, June 12, 2005


It’s not an easy chore being a blogger. Most people who start their own weblogs usually fizzle out within 7 months. The grind starts to get to them. You see them on the street or in cyberspace and you say,

“Hey! What ever happened to that blog deal you were writing? Are you still doing that?”

“ know I’ve been so swamped at work and dealing with all the blah blah blah blah blah blah, that I haven't been able to blah blah blah..”

That’s what it usually sounds like at that point. Because in the bloggers world, you’re either growing or you’re dying. Everything else is just blah blah blah blah blah.

Okay, I know, kinda heavy on the blahs, I’m sorry, it got good to me, my pen has a mind of it’s own sometimes whenever I let it roam free.

I don’t get out as often as I used to, but I do get down more real. Writing those couple of hundred word blogs everyday is one way to do it. But as my pen worked out blogging, I found my endurance increased and I could easily go for 4 and 5 thousand words at a clip.

Blogging is a great exercise in extemporaneous real time writing. Stepping up to that podium everyday with something to say. Microphone checka, one two, checka.

Didja hear that? No? I thought somebody just turned on some Das EFX? No? Hmmm..I’m trippin.

I got hooked up with the blogging world via a friend of mine from Stanford that blogs at TraderMike and I were discussing ways of making money via the blogging vehicle with our dearly departed brother Okon one day. The thing about Okon that was so beautiful to be around, is that you will never ever in your life meet a more positive brother.

Positive brothers give out positive energy into the universe. They aren’t hating, they’re hugging. They’re not whining and complaining, they’re singing. And that is the best way I can describe Okon in so few words.

I’m sorry if the mood just changed for a lot of ya’ll. Especially the ones that knew Okon, because I know ya’ll know just what I’m talking about. Okon, or ‘Gooch’ as the Bruh’s all called him. Actually, I spell it Gooch, but it should be Gucc, because Okon got that nomenclature from wearing all those fake Gucci short suits and sandals like a lot of those ‘Africans’ like to wear.

Okay I see what makes you smile now, a lil ol American negro vs African negro, brother vs brother put down has got you smiling again? Good. You’ve got a twisted sense of humor, but don’t worry, you’re amongst friends.

Maybe you didn’t know that they had real black people at Stanford??..cuz you know how black people like to give everybody nicknames. Whatever your reason, I’m just glad that you’re smiling. Because that’s what I make a point to do whenever I think about Okon, smile.

Okon and Mike had read this treatise on personal hygiene that I wrote and sent out to our Stanford crew awhile back called ‘The Streak’. I was telling Okon about how I had a lot of those that I needed to get printed out into a book and Okon was encouraging me to chase after my dream.

“You should go ahead and do that…you’re SUPER DAVE!! (laughing so hard that he had to clap his hands and double over at the waist..Okon could get pretty animated.) was the one that first suggested that I start a blog,

“You can use it to increase your readership base via cyberspace.’

So, that’s how I got into the blogging game.

Tradermike got me IN to the blogging game, but there’s also a lot of other people and websites out there who are on my list of ‘Favorite’ links. Those people that I check out from time to time, check up on em when I’m browsing, just to see, like they do with me. Now, of course this doesn’t mean that I agree or I’m down with everything they have on their websites. Just like it doesn’t mean that they are down or believe everything I write here at

“He’s naming names!!!”

So..don’t start tripping with me if you see something on their websites that offends you. I have enough of my own problems, I ain’t trying to get caught up in nobody else’s. Ya feel me? Calm down, this ain’t about to be no real freaky web sites or nothing like that. It’s just that I have to get some people ready, because they can’t always handle how real I get.

For instance, there have been SEVERAL people who have approached me kinda strange after I wrote Aunt C.

“Is that shower scene with you and your Aunt C you wrote about true??”


“And your MAMA read that???”


“Your family is WILD D.”

“Oh yeah.”

I’m sure the incestuous innuendo could throw some people off. Especially those Bible thumpers who throw out that Leviticus 20:19

And thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy mother’s sister, nor of thy father’s sister: for he uncovereth his near kin: they shall bear their iniquity.

So when you add that in to Jesus teaching that thinking it in your mind is just as bad as doing it for real?? And a person like me would start thinking,

“Ain’t no way in hell I’m go get in to heaven now. Just THINKING it is as bad as doing it?? Shhiiii…I might as well DO it and have some fun!!”

But whoaaa. That would be like doubling down, cuz sin ain’t free. Let me gone and get back into this Bible, cuz I know God gotta have a plan for crazy THINKING n’gaz like me. Hmm..let me see some more of that Leviticus….

If a man lies with a woman during her sickness and uncovers her nakedness, he has exposed her flow, and she has uncovered the flow of her blood. Both of them shall be cut off from their people. – Lev 20:18

‘During her sickness’ is the same thing as ‘that time of the month’??? Oh great. Now I’m gonna have to move away from my kinfolk.

Okay, let me stop tripping, I’m making myself laugh too hard. Some of ya’ll just don’t know how good Jesus really is!! And this is serious. Ahem.

So if you’re ever in New York, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps and you happen to find yourself in Manhattan near Broadway and 47th street, you’ll see a world reknown lounge known as the Supper Club. Scores of performers in the entertaining industry have rolled through and performed or enjoyed hearing others perform at the Supper Club, with it’s astute clientele of music and jazz enthusiasts.

If you look up on the wall outside of the club, you’ll see a mural painting of famous performers and my Aunt C is the lovely cinnamon sugardrop in the red dress. I’m talking about THE diva (and I mean that in the most loving way), the captivating, alluring and perpetually entertaining, Cynthia Scott!!!

You can check out all of her latest happenings and itinerary of performances on her website,

She’s the bomb ya’ll. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform a few times this past year. In Detroit, in Manhattan in a jazz tribute to Ray Charles performing with Fathead Newman (played

boy Bokeem Woodbine in the movie Ray), in Yonkers and most recently in the city where she first got her start in the music industry, Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, she’s the only blood kinfolk that I have that has her own website, but I’m looking forward to adding a lot more in the future. ESPECIALLY those of the seed of the late Sam Scott, aka ‘Big Daddy’. Cuz I KNOW ya’ll got that hustler blood in you, it’s just waiting to get out.

I’ve already told ya’ll about my wonderful wife Tracy at,,

she’s definitely opened a lot of doors for me in my life and I appreciate her for it (wazzup baby doll?? J), but we also have another close friend of the family that’s in the real estate world and that’s my podna Byron over Between the two, I’m sure you’ll see SOMEthing you like.

What? Does that sound too pimp? Oh..okay, let me straighten back up then, cuz this is serious. Ahem.

I gotta say what’s up to my golf podnaz, cuz they’ve been down for a n’ga since before I ‘came out’ with my pen to the general public. We used to get out on those links regularly in our group, hitting fairways and greens and getting up and down. I haven’t been able to play as much these past couple of years, but they all know I stay ready to show up out of the blue and get a hole in one and drink brews with everybody after the round.

So to my podnaz Big Lou, Carter, Travis, D.C., Brian, Hawk. I appreciate ya’ll mane. Hawk, thanks for hooking me up with Rev. Rudy and St. John’s Downtown, the support of the brothers is very strengthening to me (even ya’ll Methodist & Catholic boys can be alright sometimes! :)

I have a recipe on the site for Quick & Easy Abbeville Etouffee that I ‘jacked’ from my boy Brian (from Abbeville, Louisiana). And I spoke of a special seasoning that I used for it.

Season Finale is a host of special spices and seasonings privately made by a world class chef..oh, okay, maybe world class may be pushing it a bit, but all I know is that the n’ga know how to put some seasoning together. It comes in 3 flavors too, Original, Jalapeno and Cayenne. Check him out, he’s even got special gift packages for the holidays.

Let’s see..who else do we have..oh yeah! For all ya’ll who need to residential or commercial building inspections (including windstorm), then you need to check out another brother from the Southside that’s getting down for his. Everybody wants to glorify the drug dealers and the professional atheletes that make it out the hood. I’m talking about those professional doctors, lawyers, engineers and PhD’s that make it out the hood!! Going ‘pro’ doesn’t have to mean in sports, ya know? So check out a Texas state licensed PROFESSIONAL engineer over at EDP Consulting Engineers. It’s real.

If you are in need of any custom wireless engineering services, RF design and stuff like that? Then you need to check out my podna out of South Oak Cliff.

I gotta say what’s up to that DeadEnd Twin and all those back in the day hustlers that used to hang out at Carro’s on Monday Nights and at the most jammingnest hole in the wall in the world, LaShaun’s in the hood.

Twin? I see you coming through baby! I know you put the turntables to the side and you picked up a wok doing your chef thang and all. And I KNOW that if your hand skills with food are anywhere near your skills to move the crowd with the music, that you’ll be a world class chef before it’s over. You know I need you to DJ my book signing party..right? :) Keep on pushin baby. Already.

And here’s a list (in no particular order) of other websites that I frequent and check out from time to time. – This brother taught me some game on being an independent writer. – Very sharp blog that will make you bob your head and say, “I feel you” or it might make you laugh out loud. I like it. - another Stanford brother spouting knowledge supreme! – my podna ZB is the founding principal, I call him black Trump. – Some brothers are incognegro..but don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody! – my podna is one of the executive officers, so you know I’m riding! – the founder and I worked as resident assistants together in the African American Theme Dorm at Stanford (Ujamaa). Omar?!! Tell Oprah I got something for her to read!!

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